art director + illustrator

+ who's this dweeb?

That's me!

Hi there. I’m an art director based in NYC, who’s just graduated from the University of Texas’s portfolio program, Texas Creative. I’m also an illustrator and aspiring extreme couponer.

Listening to people’s stories and thinking about what makes us human has always been my first love. Making things beautiful was my close second. Trader Joe’s? My third and very true love.

When I’m not pushing pixels, you can probably find me giving my friends terrible tarot card readings, looking for soft things to touch, or grocery shopping (listen, the love is real).

If you’re interested learning more, or if you want to make fun things with me (or make fun of me???), feel free to check out these deets:


digits: 713.924.7417

insta: @brtny.le

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